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Dubel. Dubel was created by the Russian author Alexander Beliayev (Ell, Hoity-Toity, Icthyander, Kachinskiy, Professor Kern, Professor Wagner) and appeared in “Nevidimyi Svet” (Vokrug Sveta #1, 1938).

Dubel is a proud Soviet engineer with a problem. He’s been blinded by ultraviolet radiation, and his therapy is going nowhere. So when he is approached by inventor and scientist Dr. Kruse about a new form of therapy, Dubel agrees to it. Kruse has invented the “electronoscope,” which transmits the movements of electrons to the optic nerve. Kruse implants the electronoscope into Dubel’s eyes, and Dubel gains the ability to see electrical currents, telegraph signals, and even the human nervous system. Dubel is easily able to gain a new and better job, but he soon tires of his new vision and gets Kruse to remove the electronoscope. Unfortunately, after the operation Dubel is just another worker, and after Kruse markets the electronoscope replacing the electronoscope in his eyes would not make Dubel special again.

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