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Drost, Theodore. Theodore Drost was created by William Le Queux (Raoul Becq, Villiers Beethom-Saunders, Robert Bleke, Delmasso & Bray, Count Bindo di FerrarisJohn Durston, Beryl Gaselee, Claud Heathwaite, William Le Queux, Allan Maclean, Antoine Martin, Harry Nettlefield, Gerry Sant) and appeared in six stories which were collected in The Bomb-Makers (1917).

Theodore Drost is a fifty-something Prussian who lives in England, posing as a kindly Dutch pastor. Drost lives with his daughter Ella, and loves her, but he loves Prussia more, and hates England still more, and so puts his skills as a former professor of chemistry to use in preparing things to damage England: new bombs to be dropped from zeppelins on to London, clockwork infernal devices to destroy subway tunnels, and new, super-fatal poison gasses. Drost is aided by Count Ernst von Ortmann, head of all German spies in England. Unfortunately for Drost, Ella acquires a Loving Enemy, Naval Air Service Flight-Commander Seymour Kennedy, and for him Ella betrays her father. In the end, Ella and Seymour wed and Drost is killed by one of his own poisons.

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