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Drifting Kid. The Drifting Kid was created by Frederick Nebel (Torchy Blane, Sgt. Brinkhaus, Jack Cardigan, Donny Donahue, Steve MacBride, Gales & McGill, Gwenn McKay, Corporal Tyson) and appeared in three stories in Lariat Story Magazine and Quick-Trigger Stories of the West from 1926 to 1930, beginning with “The Drifting Kid” (Lariat Story Magazine, Dec. 1926).

The Drifting Kid is a wandering cowboy who travels around the western frontier of America looking for jobs. He’s a hothead who talks big and acts bigger. He rides a buckskin horse and has an “impudent” nose and a “complete attitude that defied the world at large with the jaunty cocksureness of youth. He was no more than twenty, if he was that old, yet had the lean, tough body of a full-grown man of the plains. His tanned faced was a mass of freckles, and a stray shock of flaming red hair stuck out of a rent in the crown of his battered hat.”

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