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Drake, Jonathan. Jonathan Drake was created by Charles Strong (Jan Peter Van Bronck) and appeared in three stories in Black Book Detective Magazine in 1938 and 1939, beginning with “The Death Chair Murders” (Black Book Detective Magazine, Nov. 1938).

Jonathan Drake is a Great Detective. Drake is the “criminal investigator supreme.” He is a consulting detective with a home on Fifth Avenue in New York City. He is assisted by Tommy Lowell, who is in awe of Drake. Drake has the “famous Black Book of Crime, containing in its loose-leaf typed pages all the details of every case on which he had ever worked. Not one of those cases had been left unsolved.” Drake lacks the Holmesian hauteur: “Essentially a modest man, he looked upon each piece of work as a job which any man could have done, were that man equally endowed with natural gifts, as severely trained, and as surrounded with skilled and devoted assistants as he was.”

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