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Drake, Franz. Franz Drake appeared in the German dime novel Die Blutfahne der Flibustier #1-30 (1908).

Captain Franz Drake is the “ore pirate.” He sails the Atlantic and Pacific during the latter half of the 16th century and preys on every nationality. He fights "the Hellmachine Under the Sea," takes part in "the Conquest of Nombre de Dios," discovers "the Fatal Sacrifice of Cannibal Island," combats "the Devil of the South Seas," and fights "the Admiral of the Devils." Drake visits Cape Horn, off Cartagena, the Amazon, and “Cannibal Island,” among other locales. Unusually for the heftromanes, Die Blutfahne der Flibustier ended with Drake’s death.

Drake appears in stories with titles like “The Hyenas of the Sea,” “A War Between Clouds and Waves,” and “Drilled Into the Abyss.”

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