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Dormouse. The Dormouse was created by Frank King (Clarence Knight, Molly O’Rourke) and appeared in twenty-one novels from 1936 to 1959, beginning with Enter the Dormouse.

The Dormouse is a nonchalant Killer Vigilante Lupin. To the world, he is only Clive Conrad, the head of the Conrad Detective Agency and the husband of the beautiful redhead Alice Faverden. The other employee of the Agency is the portly Reginald Fortescue Watt. But Conrad has another side. To relieve his ennui he becomes “the Dormouse,” a clever, daring, fearless thief who steals brazenly, openly, and in defiance of Scotland Yard. But because the Dormouse only steals valuables from the undeserving rich, because the Dormouse kills evil men, and because the Dormouse helps the Yard capture wealthy criminals, the Yard sees the Dormouse as a likable scofflaw rather than a true criminal.

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