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Donahue, Donny. Donny Donahue was created by Frederick Nebel (Torchy Blane, Sgt. Brinkhaus, Jack Cardigan, Drifting Kid, Steve MacBride, Gales & McGill, Gwenn McKay, Corporal Tyson) and appeared in fifteen stories in Black Mask from 1930 to 1935, beginning with “Rough Justice” (Black Mask, Nov. 1930); twelve of the stories were collected in Six Deadly Dames (1950).

Donny “Tough Dick” Donahue is a Bellem. He used to be a New York City policeman, but he was “discharged from the force because he wouldn't bend to local corruption.” He went to work for the "Inter-State Detective Agency" in New York City. He is “iron-nerved,” intelligent, and pragmatic. Although he is proud, insular, and violent, he also has a sentimental side.

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