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Don Sabre. Don Sabre was created by “Edwin Dale,” the pseudonym of Edward Reginald Home-Gall (Colwyn Dane, Victor Gaunt, Hawkeye (I), Mad Carew, Jim Mason (II), Rod Mason, Rough-Diamond Rudd, John Silent, Speed-Boat Trackers), and appeared in a number of stories in The Triumph in 1937, beginning with “Don Sabre, the Desert Robin Hood” (The Triumph, Jan. 16, 1937). “Don Sabre” is a college-educated Englishman, modeled on T.E. Lawrence, who serves the British colonial government in the deserts of an unnamed Middle Eastern country by posing as the bronzed, Arab Robin Hood-style vigilante, “Don Sabre.” In this role he helps the oppressed (who happen to be British soldiers) and fights the wicked (who happen to be Arabs, like the bandit The Tiger, who want to be free of British rule).

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