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Dogan, Cemal. Cemal Dogan was created by “Oguz Turgut,” the pseudonym of the Turkish author Cemil Cahit Cem (Kikac HamidBadik Hilmi, Pire Necmi), and appeared in Merakli Romanlar Serisi #1-10 (1932).

Cemal Dogan is a regular Turk–tall, blonde, athletic–who rescues a woman from attempted murder and so is drawn into a conflict with the Russian-led international spy ring “S.O.S. 13,” which Dogan defeats at length. Dogan is what Cem thought of as a typical Turk, meaning especially clever as well as rational, interested in justice, and a doughty hand-to-hand fighter.

Dogan appears in stories with titles like “The Living Skeleton,” “Among the Ghosts,” and “The Severed Head.”

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