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Doc Comanche. Doc Comanche was created by Norman Fox and appeared in four stories in Street & Smith’s Western Story Magazine from 1943 to 1948, beginning with “Doc Comanche’s Gun-Smoke Debt” (Street & Smith’s Western Story Magazine, Oct. 2, 1943).

Doc Comanche is a Con Man. Doc Comanche is a white man, but he was raised by the Comanche and is as much a product of their culture as of white culture. As an adult he is a wandering medicine salesman, pitching Doc Comanche’s New & Improved Indian Medicine to gullible frontier folk. The lawmen of the frontier know that he is as “crooked as a corkscrew’s shadow,” but also that he has a sentimental side and helps the innocent when he can. Doc Comanche has long, flowing silver hair and dresses in a “creamy sombrero and fringed buckskin suit.” He is helped by Oscar Lund, as strong as an ox and as bright.

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