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Dizzy Duo. The Dizzy Duo were created by Joe Archibald (Elmer and Pokey, Alvin Hinkey, Ambrose Hooley, Kid Tarzan, Willie Klump, Windy Knight, Phineas Pinkham, Hattie Pringle, Walrus & Wishbone, Jonathan Wise) and appeared in 122 stories in Ten Detective Aces from 1934 to 1949, beginning with “A Halo of Horror” (Ten Detective Aces, Apr. 1934).

The Dizzy Duo are Snooty Piper, a would-be criminologist, and Scoop Binney, a fellow reporter of Snooty’s at the Boston Evening Star. They solve street-level crimes in a half-gritty, half-wacky Boston, with the reluctant cooperation of the Boston police. Most of Snooty’s success in solving crimes is due to his having “something on most newspaper reporters–little things like two-timing the little woman or playing poker when they should have been to a lodge.” So the other reporters let Snooty (and his best pal Scoop) know about any fresh murder before the police.

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