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Disley, Bill. Bill Disley was created by “J.A. Flanigham,” the pseudonym of the Canadian author Raymond Gauthier, and appeared in Une Aventure de Bill Disley #1-12 (1946-1947), Police-Roman. Les Aventures de Bill Disley #1-5 (1955), and Les Nouvelles Aventures de Bill Disley #1-13 (1955-1956).

Bill Disley is a British Bellem. He takes on Triad hatchetmen assassins in London’s Chinatown, Femme Fatale assassins, juvenile gangs, the Lupin Mister Black, and Soviet spies, among others.

Disley appears in stories with titles like "Minutes of Agony," "A Body in the Thames," and "You Figure It Out, Cutie!"

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