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Dirty Dogs’ Club. The Dirty Dogs’ Club was created by P.C. Wren (Otho Bellême, Sinclair Noel Brodie Dysart, Beau Geste, Major Hazelrigg, McSnortt, Sudden Death LodgeMinna von Voehniger) and appeared in nine short stories which were collected in Rough Shooting (1938).

The Dirty Dogs’ Club are Legionnaires. At the fort of Houi-Ninh–the same fort in the Annam jungle at which Sinclair Noel Brodie Dysart served–a band of French Foreign Legionnaires are besieged by “great hordes of flat-faced, slant-eyed fighting men, partly brigand, partly dacoit, partly Chinese Mandarin’s irregular soldiers.” Half the garrison is dead, and the others, led by the “suave cynical Paladino, a forceful yet baffling and enigmatical man,” know that they will soon be overwhelmed, if only by weight of numbers. So they spend their last night telling stories about their past: “let us each confess, fully and faithfully, truly and honestly, our own worst, blackest, beastliest deed, the act of which, in our heart of hearts, we are most ashamed.” They each confess all before dying in the final onslaught.

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