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Dill, Daffy. Daffy Dill was created by Richard B. Sale (Cobra (I)Candid Jones, Captain McGrail, Penny Packer, Calamity Quade, Daniel Webster) and appeared in sixty-one stories in Detective Fiction Weekly from 1934 to 1943, beginning with “Fifty Grand Brain” (Detective Fiction Weekly, Nov. 3, 1934).

Joseph "Daffy" Dill is a newspaper columnist for the New York Chronicle who writes in a Runyonesque style. He is a newsman and reporter of the Thirties and Forties style: hard-drinking, hard-loving, and hard-fighting. His partner and lover is Dinah Mason, a beautiful Southern blonde who writes movie reviews for the Chronicle. They are a screwball comedy couple and have great fun solving cases in New York, although many of the cases seem to have an occult tinge and include voices from the grave and the walking dead. Dill is good at solving crimes and uses both footwork and intuition. ("The hunch is mightier than the clue"). He is good enough to help his friend on the homicide squad, Inspector Hanley, on several occasions. Dill is also assisted by Candid Jones, a photographer for the Chronicle.

* I'm including the Daffy Dill stories in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of how much fun they are. Richard B. Sale isn't the first pulp writer one thinks of when one thinks about enjoyably light-hearted mystery stories. And yet the Daffy Dill stories are marvelous good fun. The Runyonesque style, the boozy camaraderie, the splendid screwball comedy stylings of Daffy and Dinah...they're all grand. The Daffy Dill stories are forgotten greats. 

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