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Dewlap and Wattles. Dewlap and Wattles were created by Charles W. Tyler (Big-Nose Charlie, Blue Jean Billy, Hiram Pertwee (I), Hiram Pertwee (II), Baldy Sours) and appeared in “Hell in Their War-Sacks” (Star Western, July 1945) and “Ragtown Shall Rise Again!” (Star Western, Oct. 1945).

Dewlap and Wattles are a pair of “rangy old sin-twisters” in Texas, working for the Lazy Cross ranch.

Dewlap and Wattles were scraggy and grizzled, with hoar-frost on hair and mustache—and youth in their souls. Restive as the winds that blow on the Texas plains, they were, for the last trail herd had gone north, and the great drives were done. Dewlap and Wattles were sad. Texas had tamed the west. It looked like they would henceforth have to confine their saloon-busting activities to the more or less chastened local communities.

They take in a scrawny, freckled range waif, the Hairpin Kid, and then ride off to resume their youthful activities of capturing outlaws, Mexican and American alike.

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