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Devil Bear. Devil Bear was created by the Canadian creator Sargeson V. Halstead and appeared in the film The Devil Bear (1929).

Captain Epsom is the captain on a ship off the western coast of Canada. Epsom is attacked during a mutiny and struck on the head, causing him to lose his memory. Fortunately for Epsom, he owns a pet gorilla, who rescues Epsom from the mutineers and hides him in a cave on the coast. The gorilla drives off the local, hostile natives, who dub him “Devil Bear.” Devil Bear goes on to foil the evil schemes of a group of men who are trying to swindle Jack Crawford, an engineer, out of the ownership of a rich mine. The Devil Bear rescues Grace Wilmot, the daughter of a missionary, who falls in love with Crawford, and then strikes Epsom on the head. Epsom recovers his memory, and Wilmot and Crawford marry.

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