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Desperate Desmond. Desperate Desmond was created by Harry Hershfield (Dauntless Durham) and appeared in the comic strip “Desperate Desmond” (1910-1913) and the film serial Desperate Desmond (1912). Desperate Desmond is a villain modeled on Rudolph Rassendale (see: Hairbreadth Harry). Desmond wears a black tuxedo and a black hat, has a long, handlebar mustache, and sneers at those around him. He has nothing but abduction and possibly defilement in mind for the lovely Rosamund, and despite numerous defeats at the hands of the heroic Claude Eclair Desmond never stops trying to kidnap Rosamund. In other words, Desmond is great fun. After “Desperate Desmond” ended, Desmond went on to bedevil Dauntless Durham.

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