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Desperate Dan. Desperate Dan was created by Dudley Watkins (Lord Snooty, Strang the Terrible, Jimmy Watson) and appeared in the comic strip “Desperate Dan” (The Dandy, 1937-1969).

Desperate Dan begins as a rough, tough, ill-tempered cowboy long on brawn–he could carry a horse on his back and punch clean through a tree–and short on brains. He has a barrel chest, a lantern jaw, and chin bristle that requires a blow torch to trim, and his favorite meal is a cow pie, with the horns protruding from the crust. He soon becomes a more uncomplicated hero, although he never grows any brighter. His supporting cast included his Aunt Aggie, his nephew Dannie, and his niece Katey. The town in which he lives, Cactusville, is an amalgam of the Old West and modern Britain, with western sheriffs and British Bobbies coexisting alongside trams and stagecoaches.

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