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Démonios. Démonios was created by “Roger d’Arjac,” the pseudonym of the French author Roger-Henri Jacquart, and appeared in eight novels from 1938 to 1954, beginning with Démonios, Génie du Mal.

Démonios is a master criminal modeled on Fantômas. At one time Démonios had been a good and kind man, but during World War One he sustained a head injury which turned him into a sociopath. Démonios is opposed by Luc Mahor, a valiant policeman who had been a friend of Démonios before the war. (In his dress, actions, and modus operandi Mahor is modeled on The Shadow (I)). Démonios does not reveal himself as Mahor's old friend until the end of the series, however, when Mahor defeats Démonios for good and Démonios becomes the head of a philanthropic organization rehabilitating down-on-their-luck criminals.

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