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Delorme, Lucien. Lucien Delorme was created by “Guy de Teramond,” the pseudonym of the French author Francois-Edmond Gautier de Teramond (Ravenger), and appeared in L’Homme Qui Voit à Travers les Murailles (1914).

Lucien Delorme is a Superhuman. Delorme is from one of the rural French provinces, but he is suffering from a nervous disorder and travels to Paris to take his cure. In the rooming house in which he lives, a woman is murdered, and Delorme is suspected of the murder, though ultimately cleared. Annoyingly for the police, Delorme claims that he saw who did it: a tall man with a bullet in his skull and a short man with a bullet in his leg. Delorme begins getting involved with various criminal conspiracies in the city, including a murderous Italian Lupin and a gang of apaches. Delorme tells the police what he knows and sees, and the police capture all of the criminals. Then Delorme explains that the treatment for his disorder involved radium salts, and a radium particle entered his bloodstream and lodged in his brain, which gave him X-ray vision. However, the radium is lethal, and Delorme is dying when one of the Lupin’s gang sets off a bomb, killing Delorme, the criminals, and the police.

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