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Dellian Robots. The Dellian Robots were created by A.E. van Vogt (Artur Blord, Jim Pendrake, Rull, The Space Beagle, Weapon Shop) and appeared in three stories in Astounding from 1943 to 1945, beginning with “Concealment” (Astounding, Sept. 1943); the stories were collected in The Mixed Men (1953).

Fifteen thousand years ago the human Joseph Dell created the Dellian “robot,” a mutated superman. The rulers of Earth responded by destroying the Dellians, but a few survived and fled into the Greater Magellanic Cloud along with a few humans who had sympathized with them. They interbred and created the “Mixed Men,” human-looking beings with superhuman mental and physical abilities. When a battleship from Earth accidentally discovers evidence of the Dellians’ existence the Dellians are forced to take action to preserve themselves.

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