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Deathless Men. The Deathless Men appeared in over 100 stories in The Wizard from at least 1942 to 1961.

The Deathless Men were a group of underground fighters who had escaped from German P.O.W. camps and fought, in Germany and Occupied Europe, against the Germans. "V for Vengeance" was their motto. The Deathless Men had a list of high-ranking party and Gestapo members, and after they killed one of the men on the list they'd pin the list to the corpse with the dead man's name crossed out. Goebbels, Goering and Hitler were at the top of the list. The Deathless Men were nameless, always wearing black hoods when they met as a way to protect their individual identities. They were given "Jack numbers" (their head, "Jack One," posed as Colonel von Reich, the second in command to Himmler in the Black Guards) as a way to identify each other. They were never taken alive, however, all being equipped with poison capsules.

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