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Deacon, Swede & Jellybean. Deacon, Swede & Jellybean were created by Kenneth MacNichol and appeared in nine stories in The Skipper (U.S.) and Doc Savage from 1936 to 1940, beginning with “Death’s Head Witness” (The Skipper (U.S.), Dec. 1936).

Deacon, Swede & Jellybean are a trio of South Seas Adventurers. They are a hard group of swearing, two-fisted, gun-wielding men who take on salvage jobs and other things for money. “The three of us…have been through some several wars. Lately we been flying freight into the gold fields. When our plane cracked down, Jellybean and me walked ninety miles through jungly brush back here to Karema...We don’t scare easy. When we’re hungry enough, we don’t hardly scare at all.” Jellybean is the cool, level-headed one. Swede is the “big baboon,” not particularly intelligent. And Deacon is the informal leader–he “gets better when the going gets worse.” They fight Malay natives, among others.

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