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de Hautepierre, Clotilde. Clotilde de Hautepierre was created by “Henri de Tremière” a pseudonym of the French author Marcel Priollet (Marcassin, Tintin (I), Tip Walter) and appeared in Comtesse et Mendiante Où La Destinée D'Une Fille Noble #1-120 (1909-1912).

The beautiful, pure, and ingenuous Countess Clotilde de Hautepierre is seduced by the cynical Vieuxtemps, but when she is pregnant with his daughter he leaves her for America. Then their daughter Liddie is kidnaped, and Clotilde is forced to go on a very long series of adventures in the United States to rescue Liddie. Clotilde meets Mormons in Utah, Navajo in New Mexico, Old West-style outlaws in the American southwest, and modern gangsters in New York City. Eventually Clotilde meets and falls in love with Rogers, the chief of police in New York, and after Liddie is rescued they marry. After a few further adventures involving strikers at the de Hautepierre mine, Clotilde and Rogers live happily ever after.

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