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De Vincenzi, Commissioner. Commissioner de Vincenzi was created by the Italian author Augusto de Angelis and appeared in fifteen novels from 1935 to 1943, beginning with Il Banchiere Assassinato.

Commissioner de Vincenzi is a police commissioner in Milan. He is philosophical, literate, and melancholy, nocturnal by temperament and made sad and pessimistic by the evils that men and women do to each other. Despite his experience as a policeman de Vincenzi never becomes accustomed to or coarsened by violence. The Milan in which de Vincenzi lives is foggy, usually dark, and haunted by both ordinary evils and by fascism. De Vincenzi focuses more on the psychology of the criminal than on the available material evidence of a crime. Unusually, the Commissioner de Vincenzi stories are positively inclined toward Jews, portraying them in morally positive terms.

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