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De Astur, Ray. Ray de Astur was created by “Otice,” the pseudonym of the Spanish creator R. Del Villar, and appeared in Ray de Astur #1-14 (1943-1944).

Ray de Astur is a Planetary Romance Hero modeled on Flash Gordon. In the year 3657 Earth is under attack by the aggressive inhabitants of the planet Ceres. The space adventurer Ray de Astur is entrusted with the Earth’s defense by the heads of all nations. Ray is captured and taken to Ceres, where he meets the Queen of Ceres, a Femme Fatale Yellow Peril. Further adventures follow, with the deposed king of Ceres being restored to his throne, the earth being invaded by the Ceresean robot army, and an encounter with humans grown to monstrous proportions by inhaling a certain gas, whose source is guarded by gigantic insect.

Ray de Astur appears in stories with titles like “The Domain of Ceres,” “The Inhabitants of the Trees,” and “The Lost Valley.” 

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