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De Paris, Monsieur. Monsieur de Paris appeared in the French author Souvenirs de Monsieur de Paris Par Un de Ses Aides #1-16 (1908-1909).

Monsieur de Paris is a Killer Vigilante. Historically “Monsieur de Paris” was the pseudonymous name for the official executioner of the city of Paris. In Souvenirs de Monsieur de Paris the real name of Monsieur de Paris is Monsieur Roch. Roch lives on the Rue Rochebrune, and with the help of his aides (esp. the narrator, a young man sent to Roch on the recommendation of the young man’s Uncle Barnaby) and the Bertillion system Roch takes on the worst men and women Paris has to offer. Roch is known as “the Executioner” and often kills the criminals he apprehends rather than imprisoning them.

M. De Paris appears in stories with titles like "The Triple Parricide of the Germans of Dropt," "A Father Murdered for his Money," and "The Terror of the Suburbs."

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