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De Mintard, M. M. de Mintard was created by “May Wynne,” the pseudonym of Mabel Knowles, and appeared in at least three stories and story serials in The Red Magazine and Short Stories Illustrated in 1914, beginning with “The Prisoner of M. le Marquis” (The Red Magazine, Apr. 15, 1914).

M. De Mintard is a Cape-and-Épée Hero modeled on the Scarlet Pimpernel. At the height of the French Revolution, when the cries of “Death to the enemies of the Nation! To the guillotine!” ring through the streets of Paris, a young nobleman is approached by the Marquis de Regniac, the “Court gallant and wit at Versailles.” M. de Mintard is dispatched to save various endangered nobles from the threat of Robespierre, the Committee, and those who wish to use the latter two to settle old scores. M. de Mintard lost his mother and sister, who were murdered “at our chateau gates by a mob of devils,” and is happy to help others in trouble. M. de Mintard is young, athletic, and a good swordsman, and he saves many men and women and finds true love during his adventures.

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