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De Lys, Estelle. Estelle de Lys appeared in a number of stories in The Surprise in 1932, beginning with “The Dungeon Door!” (The Surprise, May 7, 1932).

Estelle de Lys is a Cape-and-Épée Hero Costumed Avenger. In England during the 18th century Estelle de Lys is the beautiful, spirited, and athletic daughter of Sir Collingwood de Lys, unjustly imprisoned in Castle Doone by its foul master, Baron Jasper. Estelle helps her father escape and begins a long series of adventures to help her father, clear the family name, vanquish witches, and defeat Baron Jasper. Estelle is an expert horsewoman and a top swordswoman, but she is best known for the iron “muzzle” (more of a cage, really) which she wears across her face to conceal it.

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