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Dayton, Bruce. Bruce Dayton was created by John Charles Beecham (Koyala) and appeared in the story serial “Out of the Miocene” (Popular Magazine, Sept 15-Oct 1 1911).

At the end of the 19th century Bruce Dayton, a paleontologist, is surveying a part of the American Southwest when he finds the home of Eugene Scott. Scott, a fellow paleontologist, has discovered a method for psychically traveling back in time in order to experience evolution. Dayton seems to be a good subject for this, so he agrees to undergo it. Scott sends Dayton’s consciousness back in time, to the Miocene era, into the body of a primitive human. Dayton meets various species of primates and humanoids, but despite forming a relationship with one can’t bring himself to mate with her. After unsuccessfully attempting to civilize them, he goes a-wandering and sees other species of creatures before finally returning to the present.

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