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Dawson, Dave. Dave Dawson was created by Robert Sidney Bowen (Dusty Ayres, Kip Lacey, Red Randall) and appeared in the fifteen-book “War Adventures” series, beginning with Dave Dawson at Dunkirk (1941) and concluding with Dave Dawson at Truk (1946).

Dave Dawson is a graduate of Boston's Latin High School, a Boy Scout and track star who is also an experienced pilot. On his 17th birthday Germany invades France, and Dawson and his friend Freddy Farmer are caught in France and forced to witness German planes gun down unarmed French refugees. They overcome many dangers, including capture and interrogation at the hands of a stereotypically cruel German colonel, before making it back to London, where they quickly volunteer for the R.A.F. Dawson and Farmer became scouts and fighter pilots for them, fighting against the Germans and the Japanese in every theater during World War Two.

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