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Dawe, Bill. Bill Dawe was created by Harold F. Cruickshank (Canuck Cavalry, Keko, Red Eagle, Sky Wolf, White Phantom) and appeared in thirty-five stories in Dare-Devil Aces, Fighting Aces, Sky Devils, and Sky Fighters from 1932 to 1946, beginning with “Sky-Devil’s Trap” (Dare-Devil Aces, Apr. 1932).

Bill Dawe, later called “Bill Dawson,” is a heroic pilot known as “the American Sky-Devil.” He flies a plane with a red devil emblem painted on its side, and fights the Germans during World War One. (In post-1941 stories he is active against the Germans during World War Two). He is assisted by the pilots of 120 Squadron, better known as the “Sky Devil’s Brood.” The members of the Brood include Chuck Verne, Mart Bevin, Slim Skitch, and Slug Walton. Unfortunately for Dawe, 120 Squadron is commanded by Major Petrie, who is jealous of Dawe. Dawe’s opponents tend toward the fantastic, and include Germans who have long-range bombers capable of reaching London and Prussian Egyptologists who leave booby-trapped dummies wearing the death masks of generals' sons.

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