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Darialsky, Petr. Petr Darialsky was created by the Russian author Andrei Bely and appeared in Serebrianyi Golub’ (1909).

Petr Darialsky is a member of the Russian intelligentsia. But he is none too bright, gloomy over the failure of the 1905 Revolution, and altogether too sex-obsessed, and when he goes in search of the real Russia, he discovers a lascivious peasant woman, Matrena, with whom he spends months in coition. But Matrena’s roommate, an old carpenter named Kudeiarov, is a member of the Doves, a religious sect, and Kudeiarov has engineered the meeting of Darialsky and Matrena so that they can produce a “Dove child,” an infant who will redeem the world. The effort fails, the occult and demonic aspect of the Doves is revealed, and Darialsky is ritually sacrificed.

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