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Dare, Velma. Velma Dare was created by C.B. Yorke (Queen Sue Carlton) and appeared in three stories in Gangland Stories in 1931, beginning with “Mob Murder” (Gangland Stories, Mar. 1931).

Velma Dare is a Gun Moll. Velma Dare is a stick-up woman fresh from a two-year stint in the joint. She was framed for a crime she didn’t commit: “Buck and I had pulled some jobs the cops never got wise to, but we hadn’t been near the Gladstone Theatre.” A “yellow-bellied stoolie and a crooked dick” sent Dare and her partner Buck Evans away, but before she’d gone she had uttered a threat to get even with the stoolie and the dick. She changed her mind about the threat (“women do that–often”) and when she is released from prison she is “determined to mind my own business and keep out of any jams with the cops.” But people begin dying, and the police blame Dare, and she finds it more difficult than she’d intended to break free of the underworld. Fortunately, she has her skills as a criminal, including marksmanship, and the friendship of “hard boiled flattie” Detective Captain Lon Colby to help her remain free and unkilled.

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