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Danner, Hugo. Hugo Danner was created by Philip Wylie (Crunch & Des, Willis Perkins, Speed Spaulding) and appeared in Gladiator (1930). Danner is one of the characters who established the archetype of the crime-fighting übermensch; he was influential on the creation of both Doc Savage and Superman.

Hugo Danner is a Superhuman adventurer. Danner is the son of Abednego Danner, a scientist who wants to produce a superman. To do so Danner gives a special serum to his son, Hugo, who grows up to be superhumanly strong, fast, and tough. Hugo is capable of leaping forty feet in the air, of lifting cars, of bending steel with his hands, and of ignoring everything short of an exploding artillery shell. Hugo is pursued by women but is a social outcast because of his special abilities. He has no compunctions about killing.

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