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Dangerfield, Harry. Harry Dangerfield appeared in dozens of stories in Fun and Fiction and Bullseye from 1912 to 1931, beginning with “Love versus Vengeance” (Fun and Fiction, Jan. 20, 1912).

There were two versions of Harry Dangerfield. The first was an out-of-work clerk who wants to be an actor, but events bring him in the path of danger when he saves a movie producer’s life, and he becomes the thrill-seeking "Harry Dangerfield--Cinematograph Actor!," an actor and vigilante who has adventures on location in dangerous foreign locales.

The second, later version of Dangerfield is a Rootless Veteran of World War One--"Passing scathless through the furies of Flanders, torpedoed in the whirlwind of an Atlantic hurricane, sole survivor of a treacherous massacre on the burning desert sands of Mesopotamia”–who is so bored with peace-time existence that he will undertake any mission as long as it provided the chance of danger and excitement. All of his pay goes to the children of servicemen killed during the war.

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