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The Dagger. The Dagger was created by the Spanish creator “Hugo Reyd” (Barbarroja, Buccaneers (II), Cabriola, Courier, Fermin de Castro, Five Invincibles, FlorianJack & Dolly, Millionaire Adventurer, Montbars (III), Bill Navarro, Raul (I), Rin-Tin-Tin (II), Rob Roy, Sanson, Santana, Sinmiedo, Tit, Titan (I), Jack Wills) and appeared in El Punal del Rey #1-20 (1932).

The Dagger is a Cape-and-Épée Hero. He is brave musketeer for Queen Anne who serves her so faithfully that he is known as “the Dagger of the Queen.” On his own and in the company of the Three Musketeers, the Dagger finds adventure and true love.

The Dagger appears in stories with titles like “William the Avenger,” “Titanic Struggles,” and “The March on Stockholm.”

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