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Czech Astronauts. The Czech Astronauts were created by the Czech author Marie Grubhoffer and appeared in Prázdniny ve hvězdách (1937) and Mezihvězdní piráti (1939).

A group of Czech children ages three to fourteen climb onboard Engineer Ivo’s rocketship and accidentally launch it. It goes to Venus, which the children discover is like Earth during the Mesozoic Era—storms, forests, and giant beasts. The children also discover that Venus is inhabited, by evil natives (who the children destroy) and good natives (who worship the children as gods). Eight years later, the children return to Earth in the company of Alati, a female native who fell in love with one of the human boys. In the sequel, set in 2040, the children (now grown) are vacationing among the stars when they encounter space pirates. 

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