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Crouch, Captain. Captain Crouch was created by Charles Gilson (Mr. Wang (I)) and appeared in four story serials and novels from 1915 to 1920, beginning with “Submarine U93" (Boy’s Own Paper, Nov. 1915-May 1916).

Captain Crouch is a patriotic Englishman who pilots various ships and submarines, especially Submarine U93, around the world, during World War One and after. Crouch has been a sailor from childhood. He lost his eye to a poison arrow off the coast of West Africa. He lost a foot to a shark in the Bay of Fernando Po. “He had a threefold reputation: he was one of the most intrepid explorers in the world; he had shot tigers in the Sunderbunds and rogue-elephants in the forests of the Congo. As a master mariner, he had sailed the seven seas for the greater part of his life, was a skillful navigator, and one who could keep his head in an emergency.” He loves adventures, loves Great Britain, and longs to punish the enemies of the Empire. And that he does: spies during the Great War, pygmies and Congolese in Africa, and Yellow Perils in the China Sea.

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