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Croft, Jason. Jason Croft was created by J.U. Giesy (Semi-Dual, Meade Stillman, Van Wyck, Dr. Xenophon Zapt) and appeared in three story serials in All-Story Weekly and Argosy All-Story Weekly from 1918 to 1921, beginning with “Palos of the Dog Star Pack” (All-Story Weekly, July 13, 1918).

Jason Croft is a Planetary Romance Hero. On the planet Palos, which orbits Sirius, there is a war between the nations of Cathur and Zollaria. On Earth, the adventurous, wealthy eccentric Jason Croft has beamed his spirit to Palos, using mystic secrets he learned in India. On Palos Croft’s spirit wanders until it finds the body of Jasor of Nodhur, who is depressed and wants to die. He does, and Croft’s spirit takes over his body. Croft uses his new body to invent new machines for Cathur to use to improve themselves and defeat Zollaria. Croft falls in love with Naia, the leader of Cathur, and Cathur wins the war with Zollaria.

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