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Craig, Stony. Stony Craig was created by Sgt. Frank Rentfrow and Lt. Don Dickson and appeared in the comic strip “Stony Craig of the Marines” (1937-1946).

Stony Craig is a Sergeant in the Marines. He is a veteran of World War One and is the very definition of "hard-bitten" and "no-nonsense." Serving with him in the Corps are "Slugger" Wise, the stereotypical aggressive boxer from off the street; Jed Fink, who begins as a naive hillbilly but grows to become resourceful and wily; and Jimmy Hazard, a blond pretty boy. With these three men Craig helps the Corps fight the Japanese in Shanghai before World War Two, helps a group of Chinese freedom fighters kill large numbers of Japanese troops (the Chinese are led by Tania, a half-Japanese Yellow Peril Dragon Lady, and her half-brother Ivan, the gigantic former colonel in the White Russian army), and generally range from Alaska to the flyspeck European country of Littenburg. During the War Craig and his men serve in the Pacific theater, killing large numbers of Japanese soldiers.

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