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Craig, Daniel. Daniel Craig was created by Ralph Oppenheim (Captain V, Three Mosquitoes) and appeared in three stories in Dime Mystery Magazine in 1940 and 1941, beginning with “Beauty Treatments for Corpses” (Dime Mystery Magazine, July 1940).

Daniel Craig is known as the “Bystander” because he roams the city streets at night, observing everything.

He could see himself, young Daniel Craig, then a humble clerk, walking proudly to the marriage license bureau with the lovely girl who had consented to be his bride. They had been strolling past a bank when the hold-up gang had barged out with their loot, guns blazing a thoughtless swathe. Craig and his fiancee had been what the newspapers called ‘innocent bystanders.’ Craig had only been wounded, but the slug that hit the girl had ripped the life from her; she had died in Craig’s arms.

Daniel Craig had left all vestige of humble, happy youth in the hospital; he’d come out like tempered steel. In a month he’d hunted down that bank gang and killed the man whose thoughtless slugs had slain his fiancee. After that, giving up clerking, Craig now opened this a private detective. But rarely did a case come whose storm-signal he had not seen beforehand; for as the Bystander, no longer an innocent one, he roamed the streets looking for crime….

Craig takes on criminals like a Mad Scientist whose poison causes victims to rot within hours.

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