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Coyote. The Coyote was created by “Carter Mulford,” the pseudonym of the Spanish author José Mallorquí (Duke, Sherman Ryles, Three Good Men), and appeared in almost two hundred short stories from 1943 to 1953, beginning with “El Coyote” (Novelas del Oeste #9, 1943); El Coyote also appeared in a comic strip and two films.

The Coyote is a Costumed Avenger, a masked vigilante modeled on Zorro who was popular enough to take on a life of his own. The Coyote is “the hero of all the good Californians, the implacable enemy of the rapacious Yankees that intend to destroy the one true California.” Don César de Echagüe is the son of Don Caesar de Echagüe, a rich Spanish landowner in California in the 1850s. Don César returns to California from Spain in 1851, after California is incorporated into the United States. Don César sees that Americans mistreat and oppress both natives and Hispanics, so Don César puts on a mask and becomes El Coyote, a fighter for justice and for the rights of his people. However, by day Don César pretends to be foppish and effeminate, a pretense which causes his father (who does not know about El Coyote) to despise him. Don César marries twice; his first wife dies giving birth to his son, Caesar, who grows up to become a masked vigilante, the Crow. Don César’s home is the Rancho San Antonio, outside of Los Angeles.

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