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Coyle, Danny. Danny Coyle was created by “Hugh Pentecost,” the pseudonym of Judson Philips (Luke Bradley, Mark Chandler, Park Avenue Hunt Club, John Smith (III), Ivy Trask, Carole Trevor), and appeared in Odds on the Hot Seat (1941) and The Fourteenth Trump (1942).

Danny Coyle is the portly (280 pounds) operator of a gambling joint in New York City. Coyle is known throughout the city and to many celebrities nationwide, and is known for being honest and a straight shooter—his gambling hall is known as “Lloyd’s of New York.” He’s also clever, incapable of being fooled by a crooked gambler or con man, and he is willing to do what he must to solve an unusual crime he is involved in. His Bellem arm- and legman is Harvard Donovan. (The similarities between Danny Coyle and Nero Wolfe are surely coincidental).

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