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Corrigan, Sue. Sue Corrigan was created by Thelma B. Ellis (Tania Devereaux) and appeared in four stories in Scarlet Adventuress in 1935 and 1936, beginning with “Flaming Nemesis” (Scarlet Adventuress, Dec. 1935). Sue Corrigan is a red-headed reporter for the Amalgamated Press. She is active around the world. In Morocco, under the name of “Suzanne Chalieu,” she is forced into a harem and barely escapes. In Addis Ababa, covering the Italian invasion, she exposes the “Temple of Darkness,” and for that is honored personally by Haile Selaisse. In Malta she uncovers a conspiracy, the Black Bats, who plan to throw off English rule and take Malta for themselves. And in Japan she thwarts a plot by Mongolian rebels.

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