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Conroy, Henry. Henry Conroy was created by W.C. Tuttle (Cultus Collins, Happy-Hay, Hashknife Hartley, Howdy Hepburn, Sad Sontag, Tombstone and Speedy, Warwhoop Wilson) and appeared in a number of stories in Argosy and Short Stories and seven novels from 1935 to 1961, beginning with “Henry Goes to Arizona” (Argosy, Feb. 23, 1935).

Henry Harrison “Hank” Conroy is a 5'6", rotund vaudevillian clown. He is generous with other actors, well-liked, and a credit to his profession, but the market just isn’t there for someone of his skills, and his employer regretfully fires him. As this happens, however, Conroy gets a letter informing him that his uncle Jim has died and left Conroy the J Bar C cattle ranch, in Tonto City, Horse Valley, Arizona. Conroy leaves New York for Tonto City and discovers that his uncle was murdered. With the help of local judge and “old sot” Cornelius van Treece, Conroy solves the murder and takes over the ranch. He goes on to have other frontier-style adventures.

He is fifty-five years old with a “sparse growth of taffy-colored hair on his head. His face was moon-like, the muscles sagging quite a bit now, and adorned with a huge, putty-like nose, which was forever red.” He likes to drink (a lot), and is helped in his efforts by van Treece, Frijole (the ranch’s cook), and new ranch foreman Danny Regan. He is friends with Sad Sontag.

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