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Conning, Webster. Webster Conning was created by Donald Wandrei (I.V. Frost, Man with the Molten Face, Cyrus North, Duane Sharon) and appeared in “A Race Through Time” (Astounding Stories, Oct. 1933) and “Farewell to Earth” (Astounding Stories, Dec. 1933).

Webster Conning is a scientist who is competing, with fellow scientist Warren Daniels, for the love of Ellen MacOrm and for the solution to mystery of time travel. Daniels uses suspended animation via a time vault; Conning uses a “cosmocraft” time machine. Daniels kidnaps MacOrm and takes her a million years into the future in his time vault, so Conning follows them. Daniels and MacOrm find that the future is a desolate place. In the sequel Conning discovers that despite MacOrm’s displeasure at being kidnaped, she bred with Daniels, and they produced several generations of children, all of whom have been waiting for Conning. When he arrives, he finds the last of this line, rescues her from giant amoeba, and then leaves for space.

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