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Conner, Pat. Pat Conner was created by the German author Robert Heymann (Fritz Barton, Prince Petroff, Fritz Stagart), and appeared in Pat Conner, der Meister-Detektiv #1-30 (1908); the series was reprinted across Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia from 1908 to 1915. Conner also appeared in the film Mesterdetektiven (1909).

Pat Conner is a Great Detective modeled on Nick Carter (I). An Irish-American, Conner is assisted by Feodora Kaschenko, who in at least one case disguises herself as “Fedor,” a boy, and proves herself to be a capable detective in her own right. Conner busts a fake medium, and fights the Mafia in Sicily. He travels the world: London, the goldfields of Australia, the mines of Silesia, Vienna, Madrid, and Paris to fight the apaches.

Conner appears in stories with titles like “The Lonely House on the Moor,” “The Voice From The Beyond,” and “The Mine Explosion.”

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