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Comanche Kid. The Comanche Kid was created by Cherry Wilson and appeared in three stories in Western Story Magazine and Far West Stories from 1922 to 1930, beginning with “Comanche Kid’s Million-Dollar Guns” (Western Story Magazine, June 17, 1922).

The Comanche Kid is a Wanted Man. The Comanche Kid is a white boy orphaned while young and raised by the Comanche. As an teenager he is forced to kill a man in self-defense. Unfortunately, the only witness is a bad man, and he lies about the incident. The Kid is declared an outlaw and is forced to constantly run from the law. But the Kid is a good sort, and even as an outlaw he conducts himself like a gentleman, eluding those who would capture him for the reward while helping to capture wicked criminals. Eventually, the Comanche Kid is pardoned by the governor and is made a young Sheriff in Tucna County, where he uses his skills to enforce the law.

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