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Collins, Malay. Malay Collins was created by "Murray Leinster," the pseudonym of William Fitzgerald Jenkins (Black Bat (I), Burl, Preston, Kim Rendell), and appeared in three stories in Short Stories in 1930, beginning with "The Eye of Black A'Wang" (Short Stories, Jan. 10, 1930).

Malay Collins is the "master thief of the East." He is a white man who was orphaned in the East at age eight. "Owning to the stupidity of certain white folk who did not recognize his race as a child, Collins was raised by a benevolent Oriental master thief to be his assistant in the business." However, "His brain is definitely a white man's brain. He knows it. At age eighteen he decided to return to the white race, and in eight months he learned no less than three languages for the purposes of selecting a nationality. But that affair turned out rather pathetically." In addition to stealing for himself, Collins is hired by native gang lords to do jobs: “Collins had…achieved a high reputation on the China Coast, not only as a master thief, but as a man who kept his word once it was given.”

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